Volunteering in Your Child's School
Submitted by Sharon (GRITS4EVR)

Here it is, the time of the year we all look forward to! It is also time to think about volunteering in your child's school. Committees are set up in the way of P.T.A. etc. that are easy enough to sign up for different levels of involvment. If you are working out of home, and have limted time, they have phone duties etc. that need filled, others need carnival helpers, or fundraising help. There are other areas that most schools need help also. If you have a few hours a week, volunteer to help where they would like you. In the past I volunteered, and ran mimeograph machines for 2 hours a week. This frees teachers from having to do this afterschool, or during their planning hours. School nurses often can use helpers, to assist with childrens needs. Another area needed is helping with tutoring, such as reading. This can be a tremendously rewarding situation, helping a child one on one. I have found parents that are involved in the schools are much more aware of the needs of schools, as well as your child seeing you care enough to make the effort to be involved.

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