Curl up in a comfy chair, make a nice hot drink, grab hold of a great book and come read a book with us! We are proud to present to our members Childcare & Beyond Book Nook. A reading club!

Each month we will feature a new book for everyone to read together. We will break the book into four sections, one section to be read each week. We will all have the chance to share our thoughts and feelings of what we have read so far in an "end of section" discussion on the forum (you must be a forum member to participate in the discussions). At the end of our book, we will open an evening chat for an "End of Book" party! Fill out the registration form below and we will then be able to keep you posted first hand about exciting events & new reading material.

How the Books for reading are chosen:

Send us an e-mail at and suggest a book or books that you would love to see us read together (please include author's name). Each book requested will receive a random number. Each month we will e-mail one of our Book Nook Club members a note asking them to choose a number. The number chosen will correspond with the next book we read. We will then send a note out to the entire club with our new selection for reading!

Please remember when sending us a reading request, the books that lead to the most interesting discussion are thought provoking. We only ask that the book be suitable for sitting out on your coffee table and not be a romance novel.

Book Nook members are responsible for the purchase of the book selected for reading. Some books may be available at your local library or even better borrow from a friend!

Join us today!! We look forward to reading great books together!! :o)

Book Nook Registration Form

HIghlight and copy the information between the lines. Click on the email icon at the bottom of the registration form. Paste the information into the message window. Type in the information required and click send!

First Name:

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What type of books interest you the most?

Who is/are your favorite author/s?

What books can you suggest for reading?
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