Remember When
Submitted by Lorraine (LORRRAINE66)

I remember the first picture my five year old brought home from school. That was over twelve years ago, and I still have it.
Remember when your child started developing his or her own sense of creativity, you know the little ballerina tights with a sweater and high heels. Or how about the cowboy hat with Dad's boots and the use of his little hand pretending he was the outlaw.
Do they still have that same passion in the work they do today?
Creativity is becoming a lost art.
Art is becoming a lost cause because our school are having to choose.
Creativity looses almost every time in our public school systems.
Creativity is life..
Life is learning..
Learning is living , so why is it becoming less important?
Money, funds or there lack of seems to be what everyone keeps saying.
It seems pretty silly to me to use money as an excuse since creativity is free.
It is a passion that is unleashed early in life. Creativity can not be purchased, only pursued.
I think we think of a creative person being a "artsy" person. That is sometimes true, but creativity comes in all mediums, color, shapes and sizes.
Writing is a creative expression.
Music is creativity.
Dancing brings creative gestures alive.
Exercise is a form of creative expression, and all these medium are free to every child.
Yet, they are still becoming a lost art. A lost form of teaching a "spirit" that life is meant to be fulfilled with creative living, ideas, goals and silly child-like dreams.
Sometime during your child's school age life they will lose their natural instincts for being creative.
As a parent and a very creative spirit, I too lost it somewhere along my growing years. Now that I am an adult, I am building a creative passion, but it is much harder as now I am looked at as
"What does she think she is, an artist she is not"...I think that is so funny, as I don't claim to be an artist just a person who is reclaiming a part of my world that was lost in time.
I have a yearning to create and with each piece or project I feel alive.
I remember when I felt that way as a child. Had I pursued or been encouraged, well I guess I will never know...
I just need to pass on creativity to as many children as possible because I want to see their world's be more of who they are and not what someone has chosen it to be for them.
Are you a parent with hidden passions tucked deeply away?
Do you feel the overwhelming sensations that something is missing?
Do your frustrations pull you further away from any meaning?
I have no educational answers, only from my heart can I suggest ,
"Look deep into your mirrored soul and release your hidden child."
Recapture the passion that your childhood dreams helped put that special sparkle in your eyes.
Reclaim your rights...
"Live A Colorful Life"

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