A.B.C.'s -Towards a Quality Business in Child Caring

Authored and developed by Janet K. Irwin
A - Address the needs of you and your family as well as those you serve
B - Believe that you can make a difference
C - Children in your care should expect consistency
D - Decide to speak one on one to each child every day
E - Expect co-operation from the parents you contract with
F - Follow through on discipline - you are in charge
G - Good kids are encouraged, not discouraged
H - Help empower the parents to be "the" parents
I - Is the child going to be compatible with your group
J - In the "jargon" of providers remember: "I never sat on a baby"
K -Kids are capable provide opportunities
L - Learn something new everyday
M - Mean what you say and say what you mean
N - School age kids "need" their own spaces
O - Operate as a "business", the perception is enhancing
P - A written "policy" is a must for all "providers"
Q - Question your policies yearly, and update them
R - Respect your own children's right to privacy in their home
S - Seek counsel from other providers - there's safety in numbers
T - Teach to others what works for you
U -Never "underestimate" the impact you have on children
V - Value your worth as a provider
W - Is for the "worthy wage" you deserve
X - Xerox and save all Parent/Provider communications
Y - You enable others to work - expect prompt payment
Z - Zap any exceptions that will make you uncomfortable
May you gather strength from the sentiments expressed in these statements.

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