Parent's Responsibilites
(and Provider's Expectations!)

Being an effective child care parent

A parent's responsibility does not end with finding child care. Here are some ways that you can be an effective child care parent:

  • The three-way relationship between the parent, provider and child requires an ongoing commitment. Let your provider know with a phone call if you are going to be late dropping off or picking up your child. A courtesy call when the child will not be attending that day allows your provider to carry on with her plans. If your child is experiencing problems at home, chances are that the provider is having the same it over with her and work on a solution together.
  • Communication is vital. Keep it open! It is hard sometimes to talk to your provider at drop off or pickup times. Write a note...make a phone call in the evening...
  • Take the time to hear about your child’s day. Don't be in a rush to leave. Ask how your child's day was. Take a moment to see his latest creation!!
  • Agree on mutual expectations. Let your provider know what you expect from her in caring for your child. Discuss your discipline styles, your potty training ideas....
  • Voice concerns to your childcare provider. She is not a mind reader! Let her know if you or your child have questions or concerns.
  • Express appreciation. Show your provider how much you appreciate her...a little thank you once in awhile goes a long ways!
  • Live up to the agreement. Make sure you have read and understand your parent contract before you sign. Ask questions! And be ready to follow it!
  • Make your payments on time according to your contract! Consider your provider's feelings! Think how you would feel if your boss told you that your cheque would be delayed a few days, a week...!! Your provider counts on her income just as much as you count on your pay cheque! When you delay payments she cannot keep up with her bills either!
  • Provide a complete change of clothing for each of your children: socks, underwear, pants/shorts, t-shirt/sweater, warm jacket, boots, hat, mitts....etc. (depending on the weather!) Make sure your child has adequate footwear and outerwear for playing outside every day.

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