A New Career
Submitted by Sharon (GRITS4EVR)

My children were grown, even past that! I still was doing home daycare, and I didn't have a real reason to still be home, if I didn't want to be. My husband and I work a second job together, he repairing music organs, and me being his tag-a-long helper, bookkeeper, and receptionist! I could do the phone work at home while I still had two or three children here. The second business is slow, and could easily be taken care of with an answer machine. I knew this, and so did my husband, but as long as we could make it on that much income, he would never suggest me leaving home.

It was in my mind that I needed to get out of the home sometime in the future. I had not renewed my license knowing, the end was coming. I had turned down new children, and the one Mom I still worked for was just so wonderful, that I had obligated myself for the rest of this year. Then, her job came in question, which scared us both. About a week after she was reassured that her job was safe, I had a phone call. It was a company calling me to see if I was interested in applying for an opening as an apartment manager. One of my best friends has been doing this job for seven years, and had recommended me. This girlfriend knew I was thinking after this year, I would MAYBE, go look for a job. She was helping me, by giving me the PUSH I needed. I think after staying at an in-home job for nearly twenty years, I was very intimidated about going out. I think I was the one that was under valuing my experiences in the business world, not thinking anyone outside of daycare would realize the work it took to keep a home business running. I also had boosted some of my self-esteem in the last year, by doing a weight loss program. I doubt very much I would have been strong enough to say yes to the interview if I had not been at this point in my life. I interviewed and as you most know, was offered the job. In the week in between, my husband and I went over the benefits of me working, or staying home. He was very supportive, but would not make any decision one way or the other. My daycare Mom was also very supportive, and although sad to loose me, reminded me I needed to do what would be best for me and my family!

I am now so thankful for these folks and their support. It was time in my life to move on to a new page. I will never regret spending the years of my life in daycare, shaping children's lives, but I now feel I am of value where I am now. I don't dread getting up, getting dressed, and only when bad weather do I mind driving into town! Meeting new adults most days of the weeks, is very good for me. My experiences in daycare have proven very effective for dealing with a lot of college age tenants also. If daycare is not working for you, or if it is time to move on, don't consider the work you did at home, not a job, it was more of a job than most out there. I meet folks everyday that are astonished I ran a daycare that many years. They marvel at the patience, and sharing of one's self daycare takes out of someone.

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