Illness Policy - Sample #1
reprinted with permission from Lisa (Lisatc)

Dear Parents,

The cold and flu season is upon us, please be considerate of others when deciding if your child is too ill to attend daycare. Our childcare agreement has a section tiltled "Sick Child Policies" I would like to clarify.

Fever over 101 means: 100. anything taken under the arm, you must add 1 degree when using this method, (this is the method I use.) If your child has a fever they must be excluded until they are fever free without the aid of a fever reducer (Tylenol, Advil, Motrin) for 24 hrs.

Vomiting and/or diarrhea: If a child has either of these symtoms they must be excluded from daycare until they are symtom free (again for 24 hr.) Example: if your child throws up at home at 10:00 pm they must be excluded from daycare the following day, and until they have not thrown up for 24 hrs.

Lice: Children must be excluded until all family members have been checked and treated, as well as the home, bedding, carpets, and vehicles and car seats. The child may return only when they are lice and nit free. I will check often for this!

Colds: slight cold symtoms are acceptable, which means some coughing and/or sneezing and clear nasal discharge. Thick nasal discharge that is discolored (usually greenish or yellow) is NOT acceptable, this usually indicates a condition that needs to be evaluated and treated by a physician (if your child has these symtoms and their Doctor does not prescribe any meds. I need a note from him/her stating that they are not infectious and may attend daycare.) Excessive constant coughing in a child or wheezing is also cause for alarm and should be evaluated.

Antibiotics: If a child is put on antibiotics for any reason they must be excluded from daycare for 24 hrs. and be given all the doses of the medicine prescribes for that time period.

Any prescription medicines brought to daycare must be in the original container (ask your pharmacist to separate and label what you think you may need to bring.) Any and all meds. require a medical permission slip to be filled out by the parent, this includes over the counter meds. BEFORE I can administer it to any child for any reason!

If a child becomes ill while at daycare, I will call and let you know that they need to be picked up, make sure you give me all phone numbers where I may reach you or someone on your pickup list. If a child becomes ill they will be isolated from the others until you or someone arrives, please don't delay in these instances as you may risk infecting other families. If this beomes a problem I will start charging $10.00 per hour to care for a child who is ill and is not picked up within an hour.

If I beome too ill to care for your child I will let you know as soon as possible, either me or a family member will attempt to reach you by phone. Make sure I have YOUR current phone number if it has been changed for any reason, any cell phone or pager numbers would help also. Make sure you have your own back up sitter arrangements made beforehand!

Reminder: Please make sure everyone has a full change of clothing including socks and underwear (you may leave them here if you wish) AND appropriate outdoor clothing, they will be going outside everyday the weather permits.

Thank you, if you have any questions please ask.

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