Submitted by Janet - Village Green Playcare Inc.

We are a "your state" licensed Group Family Daycare Home for children ages 3-12.

We are open 50 weeks per year with the exception of the attached scheduled holidays. The hours available are from either X:XXam to X:XXpm or from X:XXam to X:XXpm. (These hours are not flexible!) You may contract for the pair that suits your needs.


Your Name Here - owner/operator since 19XX. List any formal education, training, etc.

List information in the same manner for your staff.

Weekly tuition for the 1999-2000 year is $000.00 for full time care and $00.00 for part time. Fees are collected on Mondays of each week. Fees not paid on Mondays are subject to late charges.

Each year your child is entitled to 10 (ten) days of vacation time. It may be used for either vacation or for illness and this time cannot be used during the first three months after their initial enrollment. Any days in excess of the allowable amount are subject to full charges. These ten days are not available to those children who are enrolled for the school year only.


List name and phone numbers of current or former daycare clients.
We urge you to call these references. Your children are a most important part of your life. The better informed you are, the more able you will be able to make this important decision on your child's behalf.
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