A New Year... A Fresh Start
An Article written by Carol (PRECIOUSSMIL)

What does January usally mean to all? A NEW YEAR..a clean slate...bright and never been touched calendar. Not a wrinkle in the calendar GREAT! Feels great to have a clean shiny new calendar a fresh start on all new goals maybe a few old ones we WILL ACHIEVE this year! Most people make resoultions and try and stick to them... and for the most part I bet you do stick to them. I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT THIS YEAR is always a big one. How do you keep the motivation going after you put up that NEW CALENDAR and January is past? Well from what I have read motivation can come from alot of places besides deep within ourselves. The experts say join a group and you will have more sucess than going it alone.Makes sense to me... others doing the same thing as I am ,trying to achieve the same results as I am,getting up early to get that exercise in before the day begins or grabbing your hubby and going for a walk after the dinner dishes are done.However you decide to get healthy and lose weight they say a partner is the best way to do it. When your clothes start to get a little looser and you can walk up and down those stairs without feeling like you have a elephant on your chest... HEY THAT gives you more MOTIVATION to keep going!

Getting healthy really doesn't have to be all that hard... and achieving a goal can and is the greatest feeling in the world! When we feel ourselves slipping and not wanting to continue on to reaching the Healthy Life goal... THINK back to a goal you did set and HOW did you feel? Well this is the biggest greatest goal we can give ourselves but also the best goal for those who love us! Fear sometimes has a way of creeping in to our minds... how many times have I said I WILL DO THIS? WELL LETS make 2003 the year for health! Mark out days on your calendar start with 3 achieve that goal! Reward yourself with a bubble bath.Rejoice in that goal of 3 days of getting your exercise in and drinking that water and eatting on plan! Experts say 21 days makes a habit... really is 21 days that long? NO we can do it! Just imagine how great you will feel after doing great things for yourself for 21 days!

A big motivation for a lot is going back and seeing what and how they did things in the begining... JOURNALS... diary whatever you want to call it. So go out and buy a nice journal... something just for you! I have had mine bought for 2 months now. Mine is called Our Country Diary for 2003 I got it for 6.00 from a book club I am in. It has a spot for appointments on one side and a spot to write things down in diary form on the other side. I will keep my exercise and my food and water intake on the appointment side and also any goals I have set for the day... on the other side I will write out how my day has gone how I felt anything important any changes in how I did my exercise. If I had a stressful day and how I handled that. There are so many things you can put in a journal. I know a lady that will go through a clothes catolog and chose a outfit and put that in sort of a goal she wants to make. She puts pictures of herself when she was at a smaller weight. ANYTHING that can motivate us can go in there. Then weeks later we can go back and see what 10 mins of exercise used to do to us where now we can do 30 or 45 with no problem! I bet each and everyone of us can achieve our goal of Getting Healthy. So we can say 2003 was our year for HEALTH.

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