Backyard Science
An Article written by Ruth
(reprinted with permission from A Child's Place)

The world of science is at your fingertips... just walk outside your back door and look around. Spring is a 'buzz' with the wonders of nature. Ants are busy scurring in and out of their ant hill. Just crush up a small cracker near the hill and the kids will be soon watching the hustle and bustle of the colony. Bees are travelling from flower to flower, birds are nesting in the trees and bathing in the birdbaths. The gardens are in bloom - there is so much science happening right before your very eyes... just waiting to be explored.

Children can plant flowers and vegetables in the garden, care for the plants, and reap the rewards of a job well done in the late summer/early fall. Study bugs and insects and learn how they assist in the gardening process. Set up a composter and discuss the helpful jobs that worms do for our gardens.

Spring is often the season of rain - a great time to discover the water cycle and all the ways that water helps the world around us. Animals are able to drink, birds enjoy flapping their wings in a cleansing shower, and the worms are out and about for close observation!

Enjoy the wonders of nature with your child, instill a caring and loving (temperment) for the world around us and let our children take on the cause to maintain and create a healthy planet for us all.

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