Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas
An Article Written by Janet K. Irwin
Black sweat suit or black leotard...take several pairs of black tights and stuff them with a bit of fiber fill and sew them to the waist band of the sweat pants or leotard. Use a black knit hat or make one out of fabric…for fun make some pipe cleaner antennae.

Get sweat suit…buy some muslin… it’s cheap….cut it into strips and wrap it around the sweat suit parts. Comb back the hair and wrap the head. Use some white make up on the parts that aren’t wrapped.

Pippi Longstocking
Spray hair with red hair spray…braid it with pipe cleaners…check out the book from the library and then find all the oddest clothes you can. On this character nothing should really match…don’t forget the freckles

Three Blind Mice
From the nursery rhyme…dress three friends alike…don’t for get the dark glasses…make them snappy

Shorts…wild print shirt...sneakers…a funky hat…two or three old cameras hung around the neck.

Hot air balloonist
Take a cheap laundry basket and cut two leg holes in it….have child wear a sweat suit…..buy a dozen helium filled balloons and tie them to the basket.

Bunch of Grapes
Brown sweat pants….purple or green sweatshirt…..large amount of medium safety pins….lots of green or purple balloons. Blow them up and pin to the sweatshirt…don’t forget a ball cap and pin the balloons to the cap too.

Statue of Liberty
Get a green sheet…sage green works well….get a sweat suit for underneath….wrap and drape and pin the sheet….make or buy a crown….Make a torch using a cardboard tube and some red, orange, and yellow cellophane and insert a real flash light inside and secure. Don’t forget to make a cardboard or Styrofoam tablet for her to hold.

Floor Lamp
Sweat suit….funky lampshade…you can buy one and decorate it in the most tacky way or take one you have and do the decoration on it and buy a new one for the house…..braid a “cord” and stitch it to the suit and hot glue a “plug” to the end….hot glue a light switch to the front of the sweatshirt….you could peel it off after the holiday

Trash can
Get a lightweight can with a lid….cut two holes in the bottom of the can for legs….glue the lid on a ball cap and wear it…..glue funky trash to the side of the can….if you can find a stuffed cat or raccoon hot glue that to the can. Cut arm holes in sides of can.

Large Dice
Get a friend to go as the other half of the pair. Spray paint two large boxes. Cut out nice crisp circles for the sides. Cut out head, legs and arm holes.

Fairy God Mother
Get lots of tulle….it can be in different colors. Make some wings using coat hangers…duct tape works well here….make a wand using craft foam and lots of glitter and a nice sturdy dowel…make some sort of hat….don’t for get a couple of long flowers sticking out…find a top to wear…and an old skirt. Hot glue the tulle to the skirt making lots of layers….if you can find old slips with lots of tulle so much the better….don’t forget some fashionable gloves.

Get a chefs hat or make one from white tag board and some white crepe paper. Pin a ton of kitchen gadgets to the hat…things you have collected from Tupperware party favors work well here….have them wear white pants and shirt…don’t forget a nice bandana tied around the neck.

Take a black sweat suit and get some glow in the dark paint. Lay the suit on the floor and looking at a Halloween skeleton decoration paint the bones on the suit. Make a paper mask or buy one at the costume store…

Most of the above costumes might take a bit of thought and a little gathering…but you have plenty of time if you begin now. Last year I was a bag of jellybeans. I made a sign on the computer….I get a giant clear bag and cut holes for the feet….I blew up tons of balloons…with a bit of help…that I got from the dollar store. I made some suspenders for the bag and pinned a bunch of balloons to a ball cap. I got in the bag and then had someone fill it with the Jellybeans…I mean balloons. Simple is better and you can always use the sweat suits for jammies when the celebration is over.
Have fun!

Last year I dressed my son up like a farmer. He loves tractors so it was a great idea. I just put a flannel shirt on him with denim overalls. He wore work boots, a cowboy hat and a bandana around his neck. The best part was he rode around the neighborhood on his petal John Deere tractor. All the parents and kids loved it!
Submitted by Leah (MOMMYLEAH)

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