Guiding Positive Behaviour
Submitted by Leah (MOMMYLEAH)

In April I attended a training seminar in guiding children's behavior. I learned some new ways to help guide a child's behavior in a positive manner.

There was one idea that struck well with me. It was using time out as a prevention. For example youíve notice Johnny hits when he canít have something he wants. So before he hits give him a time out from the situation he is in. Take him to another room and talk to him or just let him calm himself down. After his anger has subsided then let him go back to the play area. Remember though this isnít a time out for bad behavior, because he hasnít done anything bad yet. You may want to call it something else, like taking a break.

Another thing I learned that I liked was giving positive attention when a child behaves. Perhaps Sarah always throw her food on the floor and you always tell her no and give her time out for it. Maybe Sarah is doing this just to get your attention. Children donít know the difference between positive and negative attention. They just want attention no matter what kind it is. Try catching Sarah when she is not throwing food and telling her, ďSarah, Iím so proud of you for not throwing your food on the floor. Good Job!Ē When she does throw food on the floor donít say anything. Just clean it up and go about your business. Eventually she will learn that she is only going to get the attention she wants when she doesnít throw food.

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