Creating Theme Gift Baskets

Theme gift baskets are not only fun to make, but fun to receive. You can create an interesting present for every person on your list! Hope these ideas will help - all you need is a basket, a theme idea, and a little imagination. Have fun creating that personalized basket for your special someone!

Movie Night In Basket
Gift certificate to local video store
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Romantic Basket
Scented candles
Bottle of wine
2 wine glasses
Music cd
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Travel Basket for Kids
Travel games
Packages of toys from the dollar store
Activity books
Story books
Map from home to destination
Additions to favourite toy sets ie- Polly Pockets, mini packs of lego builders, hot wheels, etc.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Gardener's Delight
Garden Gloves
Few Hand Tools
Rough Skin Lotion
Seed Packets
Submitted by Sharon (GRITS4EVR)

Morning sickness survivial kit
Plain crackers
Sea bands
Peanut butter crackers
Lemon candy
Candles(lightly scented, like vanilla)
Submitted by Leah (MOMMYLEAH)

Feet Pamper Basket
Foot Lotion
Body Gloves for rough skin removal
Pumice stone
Sea Salt Soak packets
Submitted by Sharon (GRITS4EVR)

Teen Sitter Package
6 pack Pop
Microwave Popcorn Pack
M & M's
Coupons for local Video Rental
Submitted by Sharon (GRITS4EVR)

Pasta Dinner Basket
Basket with red and white checked napkin
Package of pasta
Parmesan grated cheese
Jar of pasta sauce
Garlic cloves
Bottle of red table wine
Nice loaf of french bread
Submitted by Sharon (GRITS4EVR)

Romantic Weekend Basket
Votive candles
Bubble bath
Fresh flowers or rose petals
Romantic music cd
Lotions or oils
Hershey kisses candy
Flavored coffees/teas
Cheese crakers and wine
Submitted by Sherry (SHERRANN)

Feeling Lucky Basket
Fill with scratch lottery tickets
Silk four leaf clovers
Lucky Charms cereal
Publisher clearing house packet!
Submitted by Sherry (SHERRANN)

Summer Vacation Basket
Sparkling Fruit Juice
Chocolates or Candy
Paper Back Novel
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

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