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Crafts & Activities

Corn on the Cob Painting
Dip corn on the cob into paint and roll onto paper.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Berry Basket Weaving
Cut strips of paper or ribbon and weave in and out the holes in a plastic berry basket.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Potato Stamping
Cut potatoes in 1/2 and cut different shapes into the center. Dip in paint and stamp.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Carrot Top Brush Painting
Use a carrot with the leaf part attached for a paint brush. The leaves make great patterns when dipped into paint.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Hot Potato Game
Take a real potato or a make a potato shaped bean bag. Children sit in a circle and pass the 'hot potato' around the circle while the music plays. The one who is holding the potato when the music stops is caught. You can play that the child is out, but when I play this, we just say "OH, we caught child's name" and everyone continues playing the game.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Science Activities
Seeds. Collect seeds from various fruits and place in small bags. Laminate pictures of the fruits and have the children match the seeds to the correct fruit.
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

Sensory Activities
Cooked vegetables can be placed in bins for a sensory experience. Mashed carrots or turnips work really well for this!
Submitted by Ruth (RUTHJRC)

My Vegetable Garden

I have a special piece of land,
Just outside my door.
It's going to be a garden,
With vegetables galore.

First I planted carrots,
Which grow below the ground.
With bushy green tops above,
They easily can be found.

Next I put tomato plants,
Which grow so very wide.
I'll stake them up to spread them out,
And none of them will hide.

Also there are cucumbers,
These I plant in a mound
So they can grow every which way,
All along the ground.

Finally there are potatoes ,
These are funny too.
They grow on roots below the soil,
To dig up when summer is through.

If you don't plant a garden,
I certainly wonder why.
If you grow no vegetables,
Then vegetables you must buy.

Author Unknown

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