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Make Your Own Flannel Stories
Do your kids have a favorite story that they like read over and over? Make a felt story to go with it so that they can reenact the story on their own or along with the story as you read! Decide what characters and scenery you want to include in the feltstory.

Photocopy each one on a color copier. Enlarge, if necessary. Cut around each piece leaving about 1/4 inch around the edge. Apply a piece of clear contact paper to the front of each piece. Apply a piece of felt to the back. Trim each piece close to the outline of each character/scenery piece. It's now ready for your story! I find it helps to print the name of the story on the back of each piece...just in case the felt stories are accidentally mixed up! I keep the felt pieces in zip lock bags marked with the name of the book/story, and store in a large tote box.

Magnetize Your Felt Stories
Attach a magnet (magnet strips are available in most craft/dept. stores) to the back of your felt character. When you tell the story use a large cookie sheet!

Felt Stories & Songs

Five Green & Speckled Frogs
(from Raffi)
Five green & speckled frogs
Sat on a speckled log
Eating some most delicious bugs. (Yum Yum)
One jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Then there were four green speckled frogs. (Glub Glub)
(Repeat til there are no green speckled frogs)

From felt, make one body of water, one speckled log, five speckled frogs and some bugs.

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