Do you want a secret email buddy to share special messages with? Would you like
to receive special notes, cards, inspiration, poems, and much more from your very own secret buddy? You will also receive the name and profile of a special buddy so that you, too, can send special emails. Your emails will be sent to a special mail box and forwarded to your secret buddy.
You will know who your beyond buddy is (the one you send emails to), but you will not know who your secret buddy is (the one sending you emails)! Beyond buddies will remain anonymous until the end of the year..when all buddies will be revealed! It's simple to join. Read the Beyond Buddies Etiquette and if you agree to follow the rules, fill out the Registration Form below . We will send you a confirmation letter, along with the name of your secret buddy as soon as possible!

Beyond Buddies Etiquette
I promise to be the best Buddy I can be. I will be courteous, kind and considerate of my Buddy's feelings. I solemnly promise to never reveal who my secret Buddy is to another Buddy. If I am unable to continue to be the best Buddy I can be, for whatever reason, I promise to return my buddy to the Beyond Buddies Secret Pal Club. I agree that all content of my secret messages will be of a gentle nature and never contain profanity, prejudice, pornography or other such things that may cause harm to my buddy. In turn, I agree to become a secret Buddy to another member, and shall expect the same consideration as above.

Registration Form

Highlight & Copy (right click the mouse and choose COPY) the following information between the lines. Click on the email icon provided to open the email window. Paste (right click again and choose PASTE) the information into the email window, and fill out the necessary information. Click SEND!
----------------------------------------------------------------->Your Name:
Member ID:
Your Email Address:
Your Birthday:
Your Anniversary:
Other Important Dates:
I am a parent
I am a childcare provider
I am a stay-at-home mom
Other occupation:
Husbandís name:
Childrenís names (ages) and birthdates:
Favorite songs:
Favorite colors:
Places you would rather be:
Special prayer Request:
Are there holidays you prefer not to participate in? (please answer Yes or No)
If YES, please explain:

Other things I would like my Buddy to know about me:

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Thank you!

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